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2012.10 接受知名時尚創意設計誌【琳達誌: 】的人物專訪
2012.03 上紐約廣播節節目 說台菜  Heritage Radio
               A Taste of the Past - Episode 91 - Linsanity & Taiwanese Cuisine

2011.07 受邀為 10/10 Apothecary 寫專文: 愛吃也愛下廚的你不可錯過的紐約十大地點

2010.10 上電視 示範炸豬尾巴  Cooking Channel TV
Food(ography) Episode PORK

2010.06 世界日報 紐約版-抹茶盒子 六月飄香

2010.06 世界日報 簡君玲美食筆記 分享香甜紐約

2010.03 世界新聞網- 五美食家幽默解讀中華料理

2010.03 美國華人博物館 MOCA 講座

2009.10 信義誠品 Cooking Studio 甜點示範 

2005.10 自由時報 【香甜到紐約 Manhattan Sweets】報導 

2005.10【香甜到紐約 Manhattan Sweets 】哪裡買?

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Anonymous said...

Love your brown rice krispy and i took the link and submitted it to The Kitchn on your behalf.

I think you should contact The Kitchn to contribute recipes and photos. Your recipes are wonderful and easy to follow. I hope to see you there!

Link with in

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